We offer a wide variety of products that you can purchase á la mode, making it easy for you to get just what you want and no more.

Prints & Photo Products

You can pick from a smorgasbord of reprint sizes on archival photographic paper, canvas wrap or metallic prints. Looking for something more creative than a simple print, take a gander at our montages and collages. They’re a great way to showcase multiple images of your dog and are a crowd favorite! You can also choose from a list of photo products that includes cards (including holiday cards), books, calendars, apparel, and other products for your home or office.

Digital Files

Maybe you just want to use one of our images on your website or to show off to your friends on Facebook? We’re now offering several options of digital files from the simple web-ready image to high resolution images suitable for magazine ads.

Special Order

Still don’t see what you want? Check out the plethora of items that are available through special order. I bet you’ll see something you like.

Gift Certificates

Are you trying to choose a gift for a friend? Why not let your friend get what they want? We offer gift certificates in a range of pre-selected values or name your own!