I founded Karen Hocker Photography in 2001, joining my lifelong love of animals and my fascination with photography. Before beginning my photography business, I worked as a dog trainer, helping pet owners teach their pets the basics of good canine behavior — a skill that comes in handy during photo sessions!

I’ve also successfully trained my own dogs — Dieffenbaker, Alle, Nikon, Flyte, Snapshot, and Trey — good behavior, agility and field work. Nikon competes in agility, hunt tests, obedience and rally, working on titles in each. Flyte started her agility career at age 4 in 2006 and has reached Excellent, earning her AXJ in late 2009 to give her father his “Outstanding Sire” title. Her daughter Snapshot entered competition in mid 2008 and is quickly advancing through the levels in agility. Trey is also competing and has been earning legs and titles in agility, field work and obedience.

I’ve also worked at a local online marketing and internet development company in Cambridge, building websites for numerous local clients. My previous computer experience gave me a headstart when I made the switch to digital photography and processing, and it has allowed me to offer custom creative compositions to my clients.