How It Works

Personality Defined

You’re not looking for just another snapshot of your pet. You’re not looking for photos that display the latest photographic fad.

You’re looking for beautiful, well-crafted images that not only show-off your dog, but show who they are and why you love them. You want images that are real and personal, memories to last a lifetime.

My portrait sessions are tailored to you, what you want. Whether you’re looking for formal photos to advertise your dog, casual head shots, or action shots of your dog doing what they do best, that’s what you’ll get.

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About the Session

Sessions are all held outside, on location. We’ll meet up at your home, a local park, or a mutually chosen destination. Each session typically lasts one to two hours—longer if I’m photographing more than two dogs. We’ll shot different poses, activities, angles, and backdrops. Whatever it takes to get the shot you’re looking for.

After your session, I’ll go through the photos and pick out the best.  We will set-up a post-session consultation to help you go through the proofs, select your favorites, and talk about the print and product options and what you’d like to order. There’s no minimum order, so you can purchase just what you want.

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